Public engagement workshops

The Standing Up for Science workshops, run in partnership with Sense About Science, help early career researchers develop the confidence and the know-how to make an impact in the public, media and policy spheres.

The workshops are aimed at natural and social scientists and engineers, and equip the researchers to:

  • Know why it’s important for them to engage with the media, policy and public spheres.
  • Understand the lessons learnt by researchers with experience in public and media engagement and how they prepared for media interviews or overcame barriers.
  • Know how to make themselves visible to the media and how to contact journalists, and understand what journalists need from researchers and how to communicate that effectively.
  • Know why it’s important for them to bring evidence to policy, and understand the mechanisms for doing so at a local, regional, national and international level.
  • Understand the public discussion in their own field of research and how to identify opportunities for effective public engagement.
  • Form a support network among participants and provide them with resources that can help them engage with media/policymakers.

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