About me

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I have over ten years of experience working in science communication and science policy, with a focus on helping scientists get involved in and have an impact on public debates about science.

I am a fast learner that has moved from a research background to communicating about science on a range of issues for a non-profit organization in the UK and as a press officer for a major research university in the USA.

Since 2016 I live in Athens, GA, and work as a freelancer.

I also collaborate with Ciencia en el Parlamento (Science in Parliament), a Spanish initiative to connect science and policy-making.

After doing a degree and a PhD in Physics at the University of Cambridge, UK, I joined the British non-profit organization Sense About Science. In my four and a half years there I took on multiple roles, from Scientific Liaison to International Science and Policy Manager. My responsibilities included editing scientific guides on radiation and statistics; writing responses to Governmental and Parliamentary consultations on peer review, risk perception, open data, bioethics, standards of the press and other topics; coordinating the push for the inclusion in the UK’s Ministerial Code of a reference to the Principles for Independent Scientific Advice; and running workshops and supporting scientist to engage with the media and become involved in public debates about science.

See some highlights of my work for Sense About Science.

When my family moved to the US, I took on the role of senior science writer and press officer for the University of Rochester. I was responsible for publicizing newsworthy research from five university departments: physics and four engineering disciplines.

See some highlights of my work for the University of Rochester.